Car rental tips and information when you rent a car in Bucharest - Romania

- Select carefully where to rent a car company going to rent a car. Preferably one who has an office compamia own rent and perform activities in airports. Avoid "apartment" companies.
- We recommend you to rent a car smaller and cheaper. It does not get too high or to rent luxury cars, because you will pay more. Rent exact car you need.
- Ask what year the car is that going to rent and how many kilometers is on board.
- Ask containing the offered price and ask you to give the final price (all included).
- Check if the car is insured and if it is Hull and RCA rovigneta. Ask for clarification on what happens in case of breakdown or accident and if your going to bear some cost and defect or damage.
- Check the general condition of the car, tires and spare tire.
- Read carefully the rental contact and see if it contains your desired terms and if all questions are provided above.
- Ask what happens if you bring / drop the car later.
- When you surrender the car fuel tank (if it was taken car) and pay attention to technical reception of the car and signing the surrender of the car. If this protocol reception / delivery of the car appear lower the car's damage (scratches, bruises) can be charged.

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